Ariana Gillis is not just another singer-songwriter. She has the ability to weave intricate stories with her lyrics and melodies is what truly sets her apart. If you are looking for something truly original and unique, you’ve come to the right place. 

Gillis’ passion and commitment to art have overcome great odds: double pneumonia as a teenager and a severe concussion 5 years ago. She is a “force to be reckoned with” according to Bernie Taupin, one of her biggest fans, and displays a confidence and poise beyond her years.

Her most recent collaboration with Grammy-Award Winner Buddy Miller, “The Maze” is yet another demonstration of her inexhaustible creativity and ingenuity.

Ariana's soulful talent has taken up elite residency in what constitutes the very best that songwriting has to offer. On the cusp of 20 years old she was composing material that was outrageously original, melodic and passionate. Now under the wing of multi-talented Americana everyman Buddy Miller the stars are aligned and Ariana Gillis will prove through these recordings that she is no flash in the pan flavor of the month but a force to be reckoned with now and for a very long time.”

— Bernie Taupin (Elton John)

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