From the recording The Maze


Dirt gets dirty, digging for freedom,
They buried it somewhere, somewhere, somewhere,
Fence, fence, under the fence,
But it goes down deep, deeper than you know,
Past the bones and broken arrows,
My nose is bleeding, my throat is dry,
They told me it’s dead, but that’s a lie.

To hell I’ll go, don’t care no no,
You stand there tough, with your smoke,
But I’m getting out of here alive,
I’m gonna crawl, gonna crawl, till my knees are red,
Crawl under the wire, under the fence,
I’m gonna crawl, crawl, crawl,
I’m gonna crawl, crawl, crawl.

Patience, patience, years go by,
Nobody’s coming coming for me,
Holes, holes under the fence,
Gonna dig ‘em deep, deeper than you know,
While the moon is watching, and then I’ll go,
You creep up behind to steal my face,
But I’ve made my decision, I’m out of this place.

Sirens, sirens, screaming bloody,
Waking up every, everybody,
I’m gone under the fence,
Way down deep, deeper than you know,
Inside the earth going back home,
Freedom freedom, taste on tongue,
And I shout and I fly and I cry and I run.